Sting Austin College Showcase Rules

Classifications and Age Divisions

January 29-30th

Sting Austin College Showcase IS A STAY-TO-PLAY tournament and showcase. You MUST stay at the hotel to play.

i. Laws of the Game

All games shall be played in accordance with IFAB and NTSSA Laws, except as specifically modified by these rules.

ii. Team Rosters and Guest Players​

     a.Teams must be registered through one of the above organizations and all team paperwork must be from the same organization. The official team roster that a team submits as part of online or in-person check-in MUST be certified through one of these organizations.


     b.All players, including guest players, must be listed on the team's online tournament roster prior to check-in.


     c. A player may not play on two different teams in the same tournament


     d. Sting Austin College Showcase is open to accepted teams composed of 22 or fewer players (including up to 5 guest players) for ages 15U through 19U.


     e. . Sting Austin College Showcase is sanctioned as an unrestricted tournament through US Club. We accept official team rosters from US Club Soccer, and USYSA State Associations (NTSSA, STYSA, OSA, etc.).




Player ID cards will be required for all players US Club teams .They will be checked at registration and may be checked prior to the start of each game.

iii. Game Procedures and Conduct

  • The players, coaches, team managers, and team medical personnel (if any) on each team will occupy designated areas of the field.  All parents and spectators will occupy the opposite side of the field.  Only rostered adults may occupy the players area with no more than three (3) allowed at any time.  All others must remain on the opposite side of the field.

  • Both teams are required to verify the score posted to the website.  If there are corrections, they should be reported to the complex director, where the game was played, for correction.  Both teams will turn in game/misconduct reports.

  • Players are required to wear shin guards in accordance with IFAB Laws of the Game.

  • Home team is the team listed first on the schedule.

  • Home team will wear white or light-colored jerseys.  Visitor team will wear dark colored jerseys.  If there is a conflict, the Home team will change.   Referees will change in case of team color conflict.

  • Each team must have permanently numbered alternate jerseys or numbered T-shirts available. Taped numbers will only be accepted with Tournament Director’s approval.  Violators will be removed from the field and not allowed back on the field of play until player’s equipment is corrected. 

  • The games will begin at the scheduled time or immediately following the prior game, whichever is later.  Referees will begin the game clock at the published game time regardless of the team being ready to play for Showcase games. 


  • Players, coaches and spectators are expected to conduct themselves within the spirit of the Law as well as the letter of the Law.  Failure to comply may be cause for removal from the soccer complex or facility including removal of your team from the tournament.

  • Alcoholic beverages are not permitted at the game sites or in the parking lots.  Teams caught with alcohol will be dismissed from the tournament.


iv. Length of Games

  • Game lengths are determined by the tournament director.  All games will be full length.  Showcase games will be full length for the 17U through 19U age groups with no finals/advancement and 80 minutes for the 15U-16U age group.

v. Minimum Number of Games

  • For the 15U through the 19U Showcase age groups, two (2) games will be provided. (unless otherwise requested by the team)

  • One showcase game will be played each day. 

  • Each game will be the same length as designated on the Application to Host

  • Teams should be prepared to play at 8:00am Saturday through Sunday at 6:00pm.    


ix. Substitutions

  1. Unlimited substitutions may be made, with the consent of the referee, at the following times:

  1. Prior to a throw in, by the team with possession of the ball.

  2. Prior to a goal kick, by either team.

  3. After a goal, by either team.

  4. At half time and prior to the beginning of an overtime period.

  5. Anytime at the discretion of the referee.


B. Limited substitutions may be made, with the consent of the referee, on a one-for-one basis for an injured player.

x. Red Cards and Send Offs

  1. Any player, coach or team official receiving a RED CARD/SEND OFF will be ejected from the game and suspended from playing/coaching in the following game.

  2. Two (2) yellow cards in one game is equivalent to a RED CARD AND WILL SIT OUT THEIR NEXT GAME.



xiv. Protests


All referee decisions are final. No protests are allowed, except for the use of an ineligible player. The Tournament Committee is empowered to make all decisions regarding competition during the tournament. All decisions are final. No appeals will be allowed.



​xvi. Weather Provisions

  1. In the event of inclement weather, the Tournament Committee will have the authority to relocate, reschedule, and/or change the duration and/or format of any game(s), or cancel any games that have no bearing on group rankings.

  2. In case of inclement weather, please check the website and all social media for updated field conditions.  It is each team’s responsibility to check the website for schedule/field changes.

  3. A lightning strike in a 6-mile radius of the playing field will result in all ongoing games to cease play for at least 30 minutes since the most recent lightning strike.


xvii. General

  1. Under no circumstances whatsoever, will the Sting Austin College Showcase Committee, Sting Soccer Group, or Sting Soccer Club be responsible for any expenses (including the tournament entry fee) incurred by any team.  This includes any situation where the Tournament or any game(s) are canceled in whole or part.

  2. The Tournament Committee’s interpretation of these rules is final.

  3. The Tournament Committee reserves the right to decide on all matters pertaining to this tournament.

  4. All rules not provided for here will refer to the  US Club and FIFA rules for application.


xviii. Refund Policy

If inclement weather cancels the tournament prior to the start of the first scheduled game, a maximum of 50% of the entry fee will be retained by the tournament to cover the start-up cost of the tournament.2